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Learn cooking in Marrakech

1 Day

Spend night in agafay for 2 persons only for 190€

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Quad, chameau, Pause de Thé à la  Palmeraie et le...

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Ahlan wa sahlan! We’re delighted to have you here in Marrakech and hope you enjoy your stay.

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The origin of the world travel is most likely lost to history.

Quad, chameau, Pause de Thé à la  Palmeraie et le...


Ourika's beauty and easy accessibility have lead to significant development,...

1 Day

Learn cooking in Marrakech

1 Day
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Crippling Earthquake in Marrakech: Families Live in Fear and Uncertainty

Many families in Marrakech woke up this Sunday after a second night spent outside, too fearful to sleep in houses...

“Séisme Dévastateur à Marrakech : Les Familles Vivent dans la Crainte et l’Incertitude”

De nombreuses familles à Marrakech se sont réveillées ce dimanche après une deuxième nuit passée à l’extérieur, trop inquiètes pour...

Discover Essaouira: Morocco’s Hidden Gem of Art, Culture, and Beaches

Essaouira is a charming coastal city located in the western part of Morocco. Known for its rich history, vibrant culture,...

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Xcursion guide was invented by Mounir ( CEO ) in 2017, and the idea from this invention was only blog to help people in them travel, after one year the xcursionguide start to become one of the most references websites in and outsite of Morocco and now we are invitings you to discover a colorful Morocco rich in enchanting and sunny landscapes during your stay, evoking the cultural and artisanal variety of the country thus perpetuating ancestral traditions