Top 10 Street food in marrakech

  • Top 10 Street food less than 5 Euro in Marrakech

When it comes to Street Food, I already knew that Marrakech has a lot of variety, spices and flavors to offer.

Before my trip, I created a bucket-list with food I wanted to try when I was there. But as you cannot plan everything, there were some dishes I missed out. On the other hand, I encountered food I haven’t even had in mind.

From the first bite on I took into Moroccan food I was fascinated by the unusual but surprisingly well matching flavors of the different spices being used.
Some of the most recognizable where: Saffron, Cumin and Cinnamon.

But it is not only the spices that make Moroccan cuisine unique, it is much more the combination of these.

A pigeon pastry with an intense sweet cinnamon taste? No problem, they have it all!

I put together my favorite Top 10 Street Foods in Marrakech.

So let’s see if I can get you hungry 

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Bowl of Moroccan harira soup, lemon, dates and figs for iftar

Harira Soup

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The Harira Soup is a famous Moroccan breakfast dish very famous during Ramadan but also common during the rest of the year.

It basically contains tomato, chickpeas, lentils, spices (saffron, ginger, pepper) and some meat. But there is not the one Harira recipe and therefore a lot of variations.

I had one almost every day, not as a full meal but more like an appetizer or for breakfast. The soup is light and doesn’t have an extreme spiceful taste. So it’s great as a snack between main dishes.

Price: 10 MAD (1€)

Kebabs at Jamaa el Fna

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You’ll find a lot of different kebabs all around Marrakech. They have beef, goat, lamb, chicken, pigeon…(you won’t find pork though  )

They display the meat pierced on a skewer and ready for barbecue. Just choose some, let them know how many you want and they’ll grill them for you within minutes.

I would recommend all of the kebabs I tried because they were all excellent.

Still, my favorites where the lamb ones. Generally, I had the impression that the Moroccans really understand how to prepare their lamb. Never have I tried such good quality and tender lamb before. Thumbs up 

Price for 4 skewers: 20-40 DAM (2-4€)

Lamb Tanjia

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Talking about lamb, you cannot miss out the famous Moroccan Tanjia. Definitely one of my favorite lamb dishes I tried in Marrakech.

The lamb shoulder is slowly roasted in a Tanjia (Moroccan clay pot) along with preserved lemon, spices, aged butter, and olive oil for more than 4 hours.

The result is amazing. The meat is incredibly tender and tasteful. It melts in your mouth and thanks to the long roasting process it fully absorbs the spices it is cooked with.

Make sure to have a try on this one!

Price: 30 DAM (3€)

Sardine chermoula

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 Fish chermoula is another typical Moroccan dish. It is prepared with all varieties of fish. But as Morocco is the worlds largest exporter of Sardines, this dish is made with Sardines most of the time.

The chermoula is a flavorful spice mix in which the Sardines are marinated. Then they either grill or fry them and serve them ready to eat.

The Sardines are really fresh and the spicy chermoula makes it a unique experience – a must try!

I had this dish at Moroccan street side kitchen. A local showed it to me after I asked him where I could find some authentic food. This place was really deep into the Souks and he sat down with me and we had a nice chat while enjoying our Sardines.

It’s always a wonderful experience for me how food get’s you connected to people and culture.

Price: 15 DAM (1,5€)


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Brochettes are another type of Moroccan meat skewers. They marinate the different types of meat heavily in salt and spices. Then they barbecue them just in front of you. If you want it for takeaway as I did, they put the meat in a fresh bread for you.

Incredibly tasteful and quick dish served all around Marrakech. Again, my favorite was the lamb version – super tender and packed with spices.

Make sure to keep your eyes open for small street side kitchen with smoking barbecues. That’s where you’ll find the Brochettes.

They’re always good as a takeaway snack!

Price: 20 DAM (2€)

Lamb Tagine

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There is no way not to mention the Tagine when talking about Moroccan food. Tagine is one of the most common dishes in Marrakech. Ok, actually it is more a cooking method than an actual dish.

You put vegetables, meat and spices all together in a clay pot and let it simmer over hot coals for hours. That makes the Tagine an incredibly tasteful and tender meal.

Once again, my favorite was with lamb – just couldn’t get my fingers of the lamb dishes there 

The Tagine in the picture included lamb, dates and almonds as well as some vegetables and it was pure heaven! What a mixture of flavours. The earthy taste of the tender lamb mixed with spices like cinnamon and the sweetness of the dates made it a real taste bomb.

Awesome adaption of the classic Tagine!

Price: 40-60 DAM (4-6€)

Grilled Vegtables

Grilled Vegtables

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You’ll find Barbecues everywhere, especially at the food alley of Jamaa el Fna.

Beside of the delicious skewers, fish and other meat dishes why not get some of the grilled veggies for change.

There is everything you could imagine and because they grill the vegetables over open fire it gives them a smokey and rich taste.

My favorites where the aubergines, crusty on the outside but still juicy on the inside. They just a little bit of salt and the fire does the rest 

Incredibly simple but delicious addition to the meat strong diet I had in Marrakech.

Price for 1 portion of Aubergines : 5 DAM (0,5€)


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The B’stilla originally comes from the city of Fer but can be found throughout Morocco. It is traditionally made with pigeon meat but nowadays there are many versions and it’s more commonly served with chicken or even fish.

The meat is slowly cooked in a spiceful broth, then shredded and wrapped in various thin layers of dough.

The main spices used for this dish are ground almonds, cinnamon and sugar.

First time biting into in this little spicebomb was a revelation for me. The savory meat and the sweet spices match surprisingly good and create an unique taste.

Really loved this dish – you can get it at every street corner in the souks.

Price: 20 DAM (2€)


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This small snack is made out of potatoes mashed with some egg, spices, parsley and coriander and then deep fried.

Makes an easy and quick on the way snack. If you like, it comes along with a spicy sauce.

The version I ate was actually not made of mashed potatoes but sliced potato. Made it a different experience compared to the other Maakouda I had because it had more texture when biting into it.

Price: 10 DAM (1€)

Nuts and dried fruit

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They are everywhere in the Medina of Marrakech. Stands serving dried fruit and various nuts.

Make sure to try some, they are really good and especially the nuts come with different spices and flavours.

The dried fruit is amazingly tasteful and I bought a small bag each day. Go for it as you’ll probably won’t get them that cheap at home.

From dried apricots over dates to figs they have it all.

Really good street side snack!

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